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Here’s the best protection racket ever

Riddle me this: you enter a proxy war against Russia. You have a 24 to 1 military expenditure advantage. 18 months into the conflict, you’ve run out of military hardware and are overwhelmed by Russian artillery shell production! Time to wash your hands, wish them luck, and wave goodbye... Global...

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“The first law of politics is that a body politic is divided into a ruling class and a ruled class. Human beings are born babies…They survive only in nurseries…” R.G. Collingwood–The New Leviathan–published 1942 Let’s talk real privilege: A billion dollars is an obscene quantity of money. According to Forbes...

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Can you see them coming?

There is dissension in the ranks. Usually Biden friendly publications, Axios and the Financial Times, don't publish articles citing concerns. Axios headlined an article, on the 20th of October: “behind the curtain, a rattled US government fears war could spread.” It cites anonymous sources suggesting the administration is in over...

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For very many problems, the problems are combinatorially explosive. You cannot conceivably search the entire space of a problem like climate change. We aren't even sure of all the variables that need to be searched. We do not have the time, the machinery, the resources to search the whole space....

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