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Guiding Principles

Engaging in Civil Discourse and Protecting Individuality

At yeah-but we hold certain guiding principles dear to foster an environment of open discussion, mutual respect, and individuality. These principles are the foundation of our community and shape the way we engage with ideas and individuals.

1. Freedom of Expression and Censorship

We firmly believe that censorship is incompatible with democracy. Democracy thrives when diverse ideas are allowed to be aired and resolved through dialogue. Censorship, on the other hand, can enable harm and restrict the democratic process. It’s important to understand that human error is unavoidable. Therefore, our political system must rely on robust self-correcting mechanisms.

2. Dialogue is Self-Correction

Throughout history, human knowledge has relied on dialogue as a reliable self-correcting method. Censorship hinders this essential process, it enables wrongdoing, protects criminal enterprises and genocides.

3. Tolerance of Despicable Opinions

Tolerating disagreeable opinions is the price we must accept to avoid silencing valuable discourse. The Censor exploits public fears playing the siren of solidarity, patriotism, religious purity, or compassion. Censoring expression is indistinguishable from censoring thought, and we believe that in a world facing increasingly complex challenges, we need all the thought we can muster.

4. Etiquette in Discourse

While we reject censorship, we do not abandon etiquette. Successful societies have long refined systems of etiquette based on mutual respect and dignity. We expect all community members to engage in civil discourse and avoid ad-hominem attacks, vilification, and personal abuse.

5. The Locus of Meaning

In our view, the locus of meaning lies within each individual, not the group. Group identities are approximations of shared traits found within unique individuals. Identity politics and divisive ideologies deny individual biographies and harm social cohesion.

6. Pseudonymous Speech

We recognize the necessity of anonymity in allowing free speech to flourish, even when ideas may seem unpalatable. We prioritize the value of free speech over the risks of its misuse.

7. Public Figures

In our community, personal slurs against private individuals, authors, or fellow posters are not tolerated. Ideas, not individuals, are the contestants in a debate. However, public figures, who wield influence over public policy, should be held to higher standard and may face greater scrutiny.

8. Disclaimer and Privacy

The views expressed on this site are solely the responsibility of the authors and may not necessarily reflect those of yeah-but. We are not liable for any inaccurate or incorrect information. We take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data and safeguard privacy.

Our guiding principles are meant to foster an inclusive and vibrant community where ideas flow freely, respectful discourse thrives, and individuals are valued for their unique contributions. We encourage open dialogue and welcome all who share these principles to join our community.

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